Magni Me, Ltd.

Magni Me is a management consulting firm founded in 2015 by tech entrepreneur Guy de Beer. The firm is engaged in an eclectic array of categories, including E-Sports, Real Money Gaming and Sports Fantasy, Instant Messaging Content,  IoT, Visual Computing, Robotics and even (Analog) Consumer products.

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Magni Me is brought in to change the story.

The firm packages value in many forms. Sometime it’s an embedded leadership for hire, in other times its ad hoc touch ups, like pitch tuning, vision generation, with strategic insight and business planning on top. Sometime the firm is called in by investors seeking to invigorate a portfolio company , in other times, entrepreneurs and CEOs call seeking a gun-for hire. And then there was this one time an Intelligence  Corps General called in seeking a pep talker for his Colonels.

Magni Me is also a vehicle for it’s founder and owner: Guy de Beer.

Guy de Beer is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive with 20 years of industry experience. He’s generated over $1B in value, raised tens of Millions of Dollars in funding, and worked with many of the tech industry’s who’s and who’s. Prior to Magni Me,  Mr. de Beer was founder and CEO of Playcast Media Systems, a cloud gaming pioneer (acquired in ’15 by Gamefly inc). As Founder and CEO of Playcast, de Beer drove the company from a an idea to a global video games platform available to tens of Millions of users in 75 countries worldwide, with a partners list which includes giants such as Amazon, Google, Samsung, LG, Disney, EA, among dozens of other brands. Prior to Playcast, de Beer ran the video-on-demand product line for Harmonic inc.’s  [NASDAQ: HLIT], a category defining platform serving 80% of Cable TV viewers worldwide. Prior to Harmonic, he ran the optical networking product line of telecommunications systems provider MRV Communications [NASDAQ:MRVC].

While on a “lock out” from the Gamefly acquisition, de Beer founded Magni Me, a management consultancy firm, through which he provides strategic advice.

de Beer holds an MA in Philosophy of Digital Culture, Magna Cum Laude, from Tel Aviv University and a BA in Media and Political Science from Bar Ilan University.


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Cold calls are welcome! Reaching out through Linkedin, Facebook or the below contact form works just as well as using a close contact, so feel free to connect!